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We found dinosaur bones in the shop!!! 🤣😮😮🤣

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Oh my word haha 🤣

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⭐ NEW ARRIVALS⭐ Stressed pooches will appreciate this Shampoo scented with Lavender & Chamomile!

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⭐NEW ARRIVALS ⭐ Smells unbelievable!! 😍😍 Perfect for rough coats that needs softening!

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Getting a tablet down a cats throat is a pain! Who can relate?? 🙋 BUT with Broadline Top Spot for cats you treat 👉 Worms 👉 Fleas 👉 Ticks ALL IN ONE GO!! 🙅Yes! Happy De-Worming!

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Good Morning!!! Happy Wednesday!! ♥️🐶🌸🐱

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📣NEW - ULTRA CAT KITTEN 2kg Buy x1 2kg bag of cat food Get x1 2kg bag FREE‼️

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😬Hard at work! 2 FOR 1 SPECIAL‼️🔥 Buy X1 2kg bag of Ultra Cat food en get X1 2kg bag FREE‼️🔥 While stocks last!

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📣 MALE CAT STERILIZATION - R650 ✔️ Includes Microchip 👍 By appointment only Remember your kitten can be Sterilised from 6 months!!

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SHARE with us the last photo you took of your fur babies! ♥️♥️ Show us in the comment section below👇👇 Models: Sylvester & Moonlight 🐱🐱

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🐶Woodi visited us a few weeks ago for his Sterilization! Everything went smoothly and hes a Happy Chappy! 👍❤️ 📣REMEMBER our Male Dog Sterilization includes a FREE MICROCHIP - R1120 By appointment only (021)8516084

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SENSITIVE & SMELLY PETS?? 👇Hypo-Allergenic No-tears formula containing NO perfume or colouring agents that can potentially irritate the skin. 👇Rosemary Perfect for those pooches that gets smelly!! Fights bacteria commonly found on skin surfaces.

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Shoo Fly!!!! SHOO!! 🤔When should Shoo-Fly Spray be used? Flies breed readily in warm, humid conditions. Regular use of Shoo-Fly Spray will stop flies from being a nuisance to animals and yourself and will also prevent flies from infecting animals with various diseases. 🤔How does Shoo-Fly Spray work? Shoo-Fly Spray is a combination of potent active ingredients which have long-acting, instant knock-down and repellent properties for use on dogs and horses. 🤔How do you use Shoo-Fly Spray? 1) Brush coat first to remove and dirt and dust. 2) Spray coat or, if preferred, wipe on with a sponge or soft cloth. 3) Treat legs, shoulders and facial areas, avoiding eyes. 🚩NOTE: SPRAY WITH CARE TO AVOID GETTING PRODUCT INTO EYES, OR preferably apply Shoo-Fly by wiping around the facial area! Wash hands after application Repeat as often as required 250ml 750ml 50g Ointment

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The Purl range of shampoos was developed for all skin and hair types! 🐱🐶 👇 DE TANGLING - Contains specialized condition actives and is specially formulated for long-haired dogs and cats. Neutral pH. ✔️ Coconut oil 👇 SNOW WHITE - Contains advanced brightening actives that whiten, brighten and enhance the appearance of white-coated dogs and cats. ✔️no bleach 250ml

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💛💛KEEP CALM and spray Pet Remedy! 15ml 200ml

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Funny designs 🤣😍

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💪FLEA CONTROL FOR YOUR HOME💪 Fleas can produce hundreds and thousands of eggs. Some of these eggs end up in your carpet, furniture, kennels, and bedding! TREATING YOUR ENVIRONMENT ENSURES THAT ADULT FLEAS DONT GET A CHANCE TO JUMP ONTO YOUR DOG AND LAY MORE EGGS. 350ML 15-20m

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Ingredients such as Sweet Basil, Clary Sage and Valerian helps pets calm down from stress triggers like.. 🌱 Travel or Visits to the vet 🌱 Separation 🌱 Loud noises 🌱 Fireworks ext. The 15ml spray bottle is perfect for traveling! (up to 120 spray applications) Available in 15ml, 200ml, Wipes , Diffuser and Bandanas!

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🆘PROBLEM SKIN - Dry, itchy skin. For Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Kittens and Horses 💧Step 1 Pro-Sooth shampoo should be uses on pets that suffer from dry, itchy, irritated skin. Pro-Sooth Shampoo can be used as much as needed and wont affect skin and coat adversely. 💧Step 2 Pro-Sooth Cream should be applied to affected areas 3 times daily as required to help sooth irritated skin. Together these 2 products help manage and relieve pets with itchy, irritated skin. Contains soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Witch Hazel and Oat Meal. 💗

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R61 OFF 40-56KG BRAVECTO‼️‼️ ``````` While stocks last

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DONATIONS COMING IN! 🔥🔥 🙏Thank you for you support!

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Dr. Charl training it up for the Sanlam Marathon! 👏👏

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Dr. Charl doing his share at the Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town! 💗 If you dont know yet, Charl is taking part in the Sanlam Marathon to try and raise funds for the Animal Anti-Cruelty League. HIS GOAL: R10000!🏃🏃🏃 👆If we can get 50 people to donate R200 we can reach our goal of R10000!!👏 Next to Charl in the photo is Dr. Matt giving him a run for his money! He also is taking part in the marathon! #friendlyrivalry Follow the link in the comment section below to donate.

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Good Morning ladies and gents 💗 The weekends around the corner!

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PET CARRIERS Available in colours Cerise & Cyan 😍

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#cutestpet Good morning! 📷SHARE with us the last photo of your pet on your camera roll! 👇❤️🐶🐱